About Us

Carelink Placement is a referral services agency that helps families find the perfect care facility or care approach for their loved one. We want to make sure that our mom, dad or grandparents will spend their old age in a healthy environment.

Sometimes, our own homes cannot meet their needs. The process of having to move out of the home and into another environment shouldn’t be stressful especially with the fragile situation that your loved one is already in. At Carelink Placement, we make such process as stress free as can be.

Our team will refer you to qualified providers in your local area. We evaluate your needs and your budget. We then provide you with a comparative view of your options so you can decide with peace of mind.

Would you like to ask for help when it comes to choosing the best care facility for yourself or a loved one? Call Carelink Placement at 800-624-2188 for a private consultation schedule.